Rental Return Worksheet

Counter Menu -> Rental Return - Type W -> Rental Return Worksheet

This screen can be used to build a list of products from this Contract that are to be returned, and to enter the quantities to be billed.
Enter each product or select it from the window provided on the Product# field.
The worksheet lists the product#, description, quantity on the contract detail line, quantity to return, quantity to bill, yard date and time.

This Rental Return Worksheet can also be used to process an 'In Yard Returns' product list that was generated from Texada Web, when activated from the Logistics configuration.
When the "In-Yard" return is performed on the Texada Web mobile device, the inventory records are assigned to the operator's location, as configured on the Operator file.
If a Worksheet has been created from an 'In Yard Returns' but there appear to be no products on it, this may be because the products were returned to a different location from the location entered on the Rental Return header.

'Product Selection' window:
The products in the selection window on the Product# field of the worksheet, are listed by product# from the contract with description, price per unit from the contract, contract status and serial number for serialized sales parts.
Only products on this contract that have not yet been selected for the worksheet for all or partial quantity, are listed in the selection window.

The product record list can be resorted by any column in ascending or descending order, by clicking on the column heading.
Columns can also be dragged and dropped to temporarily reposition them as required.

To select a product from the list, double-click on the appropriate record, or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.

Return Worksheet screen:
The quantity to be Returned can be over-typed for a detail line, only if the product was not returned from the In Yard Return API from Texada Web and if it is not on an open delivery or pickup ticket as in these cases the quantity defaults from the quantity the driver has completed.

If a product number is added directly on the worksheet and there are multiple line items for the product, the operator is prompted to select the correct line item from outstanding items.

For Rental items, the quantity returned becomes the quantity billed and cannot exceed quantity on the contract detail line. Any remaining quantity that is not returned and billed, stays out on rent.
For Sales items both quantity returned and billed can be over-typed but if the quantity returned plus the quantity billed for a Sale does not equal the quantity Out on the Contract, the operator is prompted to confirm the remaining quantity is still Out.

Note: Once a detail line has been picked and partially return, more quantity cannot be added to it.
If a quantity correction is required, delete the detail line and then re-add it with a larger quantity.

The 'Yard Date/Time' are only populated by the Texada Web entry.

Primary/Secondary Sales Product conversion:
If the sales item is a Primary sales part and a partial quantity of the primary part is to be returned to stock, the following "Secondary Product Returned/Billed" window opens for the operator to enter the Secondary product quantities sold and returned to stock.
The prompts are:
The original Primary product number and description from the contract display.
The Secondary sales part number and description display.
The number of units of the secondary product that convert to/from a single primary product, display.
The converted remaining quantity that could be returned to stock as the secondary sales part is displayed.
This is calculate from (the original primary sales quantity out on the contract, less the primary sales quantity returned) times the transfer to unit conversion quantity.
This can be over-typed with the actual number of units being returned to stock as the secondary product #.
The remaining quantity of the secondary product displays as sold, to be billed. This can also be over-typed with the actual quantity sold to the customer.
Note: The sum of the "Secondary Qty Returned" and the "Secondary Qty Billed" must equal or be divisible by the "Secondary Product Transfer Qty" (i.e. equal to complete packages of the Primary part).

The following fields display the resulting Primary Product summary for the contract:
The quantity of the primary sales part that was originally out on the contract displays.
The number of unopened packages of the Primary product that was already entered on the previous screen, as the primary quantity to be returned to stock, displays.
The quantity of the primary sales part to be converted to the secondary sales part displays.
This is the sum of the "Secondary Qty Returned" and the "Secondary Qty Billed" divided by the "Secondary Product Transfer Qty".
The remaining unopened quantity of the primary product displays. This is the quantity that can be left out on the contract, or sold and billed now as complete packages of the Primary sales part #.
Click ACCEPTto accept and exit, or click CANCEL to abort.

Click on ACCEPT when the worksheet list is completed
CONFIRMATION SCREEN to process Worksheet:
If products have been listed, select one of the following options:
  • Select Process Rental Return to return to the Rental Return and to either convert the items on the worksheet to an invoice or return them to stock using the rental return process, or to abort the rental return.

    Note: If the Rental Return detail screen is aborted, the product list is only saved as a worksheet if the list was built by the Texada Web - In Yard Return API.
    Any products that were manually added to a worksheet remain as out on the contract and are not re-saved on the worksheet.

  • Select Save Worksheet And Exit Return to exit the Rental Return and to save the worksheet for this Contract, to be re-accessed later.

  • Select Edit Worksheet to return to the existing worksheet in progress.

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