Price Codes

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Operations Tab -> Rental Rates & Pricing -> Price Codes

Price codes can be setup at the product, Group, or Class level, to achieve the following:

The codes can be maintained in the Price Codes window in the "Rental Rates & Pricing" parameters on the Operations tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Operations - Price Codes in order to access this table.
Changes to the Price Code values can be viewed in the Price Code List Changes window on the Update Product List Price utility.

Special Prices by Division or Customer:
A Price Code can be assigned at the division level in Divisional Rate Parameters and/or at the customer level in Customer Information or in the "Associated Customers" window in the Details of each Price Code record, so that each time an order or sale is entered in Sales Orders, Sales Order Invoices, Counter Worksheet, Contracts, Miscellaneous Invoices, Credit Invoices, Cylinder Entry, Reservations, or Quotations, the correct price based on the special price and/or on quantity purchased will automatically apply according to the date, division and customer.
Credit invoices for returned stock, also respect the special prices.

Note: When the Multi-Tiered Pricing feature is activated special pricing can be further controlled on multiple levels for specific customers as outlined in Multi-Tiered Customer Special Pricing.

No Discount on Special Pricing:
The Customer's Sales discount percent per the document header is not automatically applied if the Sales part or the Group assigned to the Sales part is eligible for Special Pricing setup in the Price Codes.
The discount can still be added manually to the product detail if required.

Special Pricing Prohibited on a Product:
If a Sales part is identified in the Re-order window of Sales Inventory to Disallow Discounts, then any special price code giving a discount on that sales part will be disregarded. The price can still be over-typed on the Contract or the Invoice if required.

Use a date range to set when the special prices apply.
Decide which products are eligible for the special prices.

Special Pricing can be based 3 different calculations:

Special Price examples could include:

Note: For "Flyer Specials" refer to the Product Pricing for more information, and for specific "Circular Specials" refer to the Circular Pricing.

The prompts to setup special price codes are:

In Change or Lookup mode, leave this field blank to return all existing Price Code records or to narrow the list of existing Price Codes, filter the record results by entering a full or partial sequence of characters from the Price Code or the Price Code Description.

Add Price Code
After reviewing an existing list, to setup a new record click the ADD button at the bottom left of the screen and enter the new Price Code values in the pop-up screen as follows:

Enter a number or letters for the Price Code. Use up to 5 characters for the Price Code.
Having multiple Price Codes allows for different price structures to be used for different customers.

Note: If a blank Price Code is setup, it will apply to all customers that do not have a specific Price Codes assigned.

Enter a definition for the Price Code.
e.g. ABC Discount, Spring Garden Sale, Redway Propane Pricing

The type of price code determines how the price will be calculated.
Select one of the following options for a default value from the drop-down list.
The Type can be changed on the specific product and group pricing records.
  • blank = UNASSIGNED
    Leave this field blank or select Unassigned to force the operator to select a Type when the product and group pricing records are entered.
    The list price in the Product File will be discounted by the specified discount percent.

    Set the list price to be used in place of the regular list price from the Product File.

    The average cost in the Product File will be used to calculate the list price based on the specified percent markup.

M/D %
This field only applies for Price Codes using M = Markup and D = Discount Off List.

Enter the most common percentage for this Price Code.
This is a default and can be over-typed when assigning the price codes to the products if necessary.

Enter the date when this price code becomes effective.
This allows special pricing to be entered in advance in preparation for the promotional or seasonal sale.

Enter the date when this price code expires.

An expiry notification report/email warning can be generated as outlined in Automatic Reporting, at five, thirty, sixty and ninety days prior to expiry, on the expiry date, and also for any previously expired price codes.

Detail List of Existing Price Codes
The Code, Description, Type, Markup/Discount%, From and To Dates are listed as outlined above along with a 'Details' column to setup the relevant Products, Groups, Classes, and associated Customers as follows:
Window in the Details field to view and update the:

Click ACCEPT to accept the information.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Price Codes screen include:

Note: After clicking one of the REPORT, COPY, REBUILD, or IMPORT buttons before proceeding with the action a message is triggered, to warn that any special prices that have been partially added but not completed may be lost, to allow the operator to abort if required and to save the data first.

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