System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Operations Tab -> General Settings -> Drivers

Drivers can be maintained in the Driver file window in the "General Settings" on the Operations tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Operations - Drivers in order to access this table.

Enter any driver codes with names and phone numbers to be used on the Delivery and Pickup Tickets as explained in theDelivery Console, Pickup Console, and Delivery/Pickup Dispatch, and in the Job Site Service Schedule.
The driver name and phone numbers prints on the spreadsheet output that can be generated from the REPORT button on the bottom of the Delivery / Pickup Dispatch screen.

Texada Web Drivers:
Drivers are also used in the Texada Web application when an Operator Code flagged with Texada Web access and a valid email address is assigned to the driver record in this table. The driver name is then changed to the operator name.
A Division must also be assigned if your firm uses "Operators by Division".

The Driver and Division fields are only enabled when Texada Web is activated in the Logistics parameters and Descartes is not activated.

A Driver record cannot be deleted from this table if it is referenced in Texada Web/Mobile or in use on an open Delivery or Pickup Ticket.

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