Document Off Rental Reasons

Counter Menu -> Contract / Counter Worksheet / Reservations -> Off Rent Reason Codes pop-up -> Document Off Rental Reasons

This window opens if the Off Rental Reason Codes feature has been activated in the Company Contract Parameters, and the document is flagged to allow off rental time on the contract to reduce billable time.

A list of valid off rent reason codes is displayed with the default Allow flag, as setup in Off Rent Reason Codes.
Each Off Rent Reason Code can be assigned a percent of the off rental period that should be allowed at no charge.

The Allow flag can be checked or unchecked as required for this document.

If this document later needs to be put off rent, only one of the selected reason codes will be accepted.

Note: Reasons codes can be added to a document in the Set Document Off Rental Reason Codes utility.

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