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Generally the invoice is printed for the customer as part of the regular process when the Rental Return, Cycle Billing, Miscellaneous Invoice, Order Entry and Work Order Invoice are generated.
This utility can be used if an invoice was missed or needs to be reprinted.

Range and Sorting:
An individual invoice can be printed or a range of invoices can be selected and printed.
When a range of invoices is printed and the range includes different types of invoices requiring different formats, the invoices are printed grouped by type, including Rental invoices, Sales Order invoices, and Work Order invoices.
The invoices can then sorted within each type of invoice, by customer number or by invoice number.
This re-print Invoices utility respects the appropriate forms control print format defined for each type of invoice as setup by division in Customer Forms for Crystal or Jasper forms.

Note: Work Order Invoices can be printed separately from Print W.O. Invoices, and Order Invoices can be printed separately from Print Sales Order Invoices.

Copies to Print
In this reprint by range utility, only one copy is printed for standard or Crystal forms documents.
For Jasper forms documents, the quantity to print can be set from the pdf print window.

When printing the invoices from the Invoice Totals and Services the print quantity can be set as follows:

An invoice can be printed, even after the invoice has been posted, by selecting Current, Batch or History.
This is true until the invoice is deleted using Delete A Single Invoice or purged with the Housekeeping programs.

Invoice Requiring Approval:
If a current invoice is printed or emailed for a customer that is being monitored and requires Daily Close 1 Approval, the products will be printed with no pricing or totals until the invoice has been approved in the Daily Close Invoice Approval utility.

If Crystal or Jasper forms are used to print the invoice before it is approved, the comment associated with the Daily Close 1 Approval Code replaces the document title in the header and also prints in the footer.
If forms control is not being used the comment prints in the header below the Shipping address.

An Alternate Language comment can be maintained.

Include Products still Out:
If the invoice was generated from a Contract, the products that are currently still out on the contract, can also be listed on the invoice.
This feature is controlled by the Print Outstanding Products from Contract "Printing Settings" flag in the Divisional Invoice Parameters.
Off rental information related to the invoice prints for each relevant product. The heading text can be controlled in Document Field Labels for standard and Crystal forms.
Labels for Jasper forms are controlled by language tables that can be defined on the server as outlined in Customer Forms.

Selection Filters:
The prompts to print an invoice are:
Leave this field blank to print all invoices in the selection, or to narrow the range enter the first invoice number to print, or select it from the Invoice Search window by Current, Batch, or History.

Note: To print all invoices in Current or in Batch, leave the Invoice# fields (Starting and Ending) blank.
When printing invoices from History without using a Customer or Clerk filter, an invoice or invoice range must be specified.

The invoice number entered above will display.
Accept this invoice number to print that single invoice, or to print a range of invoices type in a higher ending invoice number, or select it from the window, or accept blank to print all eligible invoices.

Accept today's date, or enter a preferred starting date for the invoice range.

Accept today's date, or enter a preferred ending date for the invoice range.

Leave this field blank to include all DBR's or enter a starting DBR# for the invoice range.

Leave this field blank to include all DBR's or enter an ending DBR# for the invoice range.

A default value can be set by the Invoice Reprint All Divisions Default flag in the Company Invoice Parameters but this default can be changed for each print job as required.

Check this box to print invoices for all divisions.

Uncheck this box to print invoices from a specified division.

Enter the division or select it from the drop-down box.

The documents included in the output are restricted by division according to the Divisional Restricted Views assigned to the operator.

Accept 'ALL' if the invoice selection should not be filtered by Customer, or select a specific Customer from the Accounting Customer Search window to only print invoices in the selected range that are associated with that customer.

Leave this field blank if the invoice selection should not be filtered by Clerk, or enter a specific Clerk code to only print invoices in the selected range that have been assigned this code on the header of the invoice.

Note: There is no verification that the clerk entered is a valid code as different codes could used at different divisions.

Select one of the following options:
  • Select Cash to only print cash invoices in the full invoice format.
  • Select On Account to only print invoices charged on account in the full invoice format.
  • Select All Types to print both Cash and On Account Invoices.
  • Select Slip Printer to print the invoices in the slip printer format.
    Only invoices created in Point Of Sale Invoices can be printed with this option.

Select one of the following status options:
  • Select Current to print invoices not yet posted with Daily Close 1.
  • Select Batch if the invoice was included in Daily Close 1, but not yet finalized with Daily Close 2.
  • Select History if the invoice has already been posted with the Daily Close programs. An invoice or invoice range must be specified.

Select one of the following options:
  • Select Customer# to sort and print the invoices in the selection, in Customer number sequence.
  • Select Invoice# to sort and print the invoices in the selection, in Invoice number sequence.

Enter the marketing code for the optional comments to be printed on the invoice, or select it from the window as outlined in Marketing Code Search.

This field is only enabled when the Use Contact Document Emailing feature is activated in the Company Email Configuration.

Uncheck this box to print the document instead of emailing it.

Check this box to email the selected invoices to the appropriate contacts flagged in the Contact Information for the customer/site.

  • If the document is emailed it will not be printed as well.
  • If a single document is to be emailed the Compose Email pop-up is triggered that can be customized, or the operator can Cancel out to print the invoice instead of emailing.
  • If a range of documents are emailed, any documents in the selection range that were not emailed (i.e. there are no valid contact addresses flagged to receive an invoice) are printed instead.
  • If a range of documents are emailed the total number to be emailed is displayed and confirmation is required, to help prevent a mass email run from being sent in error.
    The document count also reflects emails where the same document is sent to multiple Contacts.

A printer can be confirmed or re-selected from the Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Click the ACCEPT button to generate the output, or click the CANCEL button to abort.

Print Format Option:
The option to re-print the document in the Standard format, or print using Crystal or Jasper forms is provided if Customer Forms has been activated and setup for this division, with the option to Prompt Format On Reprint.

Document Reprint Log:
When multiple invoices are emailed or printed a Document Reprint Log is generated listing the documents with the actions and recipients.

Force Printing of Invoices:
The feature to print invoices in Daily Close 2 that have not yet been printed can be set in "Printing Settings" of the Divisional Invoice Parameters.

To confirm if an invoice has been printed before running Daily Close 1, check the printed status in Hold/Release Current Invoices.

Other Print Invoice Options:
Specific invoices can also be printed from the Document Inquiry when the search is by invoice and from the Customer Account Inquiry.

Printing Rules Governing Invoice Appearance:
Invoices can be printed in standard format or using forms control as setup and defined by division in the Customer Forms.
The basic printing rules for the standard format of the invoice are as follows.
If your firm uses a custom invoice printing program or an alternative invoice format, your rules may vary slightly.

Invoice Header:

Invoice Details:

Service Details

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