Daily Close 2: Generate Postings

Back Office Menu -> Daily Close Menu -> Daily Close 2: Generate Postings

Reports Menu -> Automatic Reporting -> Function RSID20 -> runs Daily Close 2

After completing Daily Close 1: Invoice Edit, the invoices will have been moved from CURRENT status to BATCH.
The Batch invoices are now ready to generate the posting records.
The Daily Close 2 program reads each invoice, moves the invoices to history, and creates posting records.
Refer to the Daily Close Overview for procedural information and process flow.

Note: In order to successfully process all invoices, the operator running Daily Close 2 must have access to all divisions as controlled in the Divisional Restricted Views for code 'ALL'.
To avoid conflicts, the Move Invoice From Batch to Current cannot be run at the same time as the Daily Close 2 is running.

Automated Posting Option:
If preferred once Daily Close 1: Invoice Edit is completed, the Daily Close 2 process can be setup to run automatically with the resulting reports emailed to staff as defined in Automatic Reporting.
Automated posting of Daily Close 2 is controlled by RSID20.


If the warning that "There Are Pending Inventory Adjustments For Components Which Need To Be Printed/Posted" appears, these G/L value adjustments can be posted using Post Inventory Adjustments.

If the Daily Close program becomes locked because another session is currently accessing Customer Information, the relevant customer number is displayed in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen in the lock warning.
In Oracle systems, this customer number can then be used to Generate a Lock in Database Lock Inquiry for that customer in order to identify the locking session so that the ARCFLOCK can be released.

After the invoices print, there is a prompt to change the invoice paper for plain paper, to print any error reports.
A printer can be selected from the Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen, or window to display the errors on the screen instead of printing the report.
These errors can always be viewed later from Daily Close 2 Error Log.

Posting Control Daily Close 2
The Daily Close 2 - Generate Postings program is designed to be run by one operator at a time.
Locking will occur if another operator attempts to run the program at the same time, or if the first operator did not exit the posting program correctly.
A Posting Control Information warning will appear on the screen preventing the second operator from proceeding, and only operators with Security Role permission to reset the Daily Close 2 - Generate Postings flag will have access to the RESET button that unlocks the program.
Whenever the posting control flag for Daily Close 2 is reset, a record is written to the Delete Log for the Function RSIH51.

Refer to Daily Close 1/2/3 Process Locks for further status on GLPF locks for this function.

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