Point Of Sale Invoices

Counter Menu -> Point of Sale Invoices

This program is the short-cut data entry version of Miscellaneous Invoices. Typically, the customer is paying immediately (CASH, VISA, etc.) for purchases of sales items.
The invoice can be printed on either the standard 8 1/2" x 11" or A4 invoice paper, or a Slip Printer format can be used. Use of the slip printer is explained in Slip Printer Set-Up.

Invoice Entry:
Invoice functionality can be customized to meet your firm's business practices as outlined in the Invoice Tunable Parameters.
Refer to Miscellaneous Invoices for details on entering the customer information for the invoice.

Note: Because of these short-cuts in data entry, any invoices entered using Point Of Sale Invoices are unique in nature and cannot be re-accessed in Miscellaneous Invoices.
For details on the differences in these invoice options refer to Counter Invoicing.

Invoice Product Details screen:
The next major screen is the Invoice Details where the sales and rental products are selected for billing.
Refer to Invoice Details for complete details.

Invoice Totals Summary screen:
Then the invoice can be completed as outlined in Totals and Services summary window.

Using the Slip Printer for Point Of Sale Invoices:
The Point Of Sale Invoices can print the invoice using a Slip Printer.
A Slip Printer is a small 40 character serial printer, which prints receipts. Typically, two part blank paper (usually on a roll) is used. The software prints your company's name and address, and the invoice information on the blank paper. The slip can be torn off when it finishes printing, for the customer's copy.
Marketing Comments will print on the slip at the end of the bill.

Check with Texada Support to determine the best type of printer to purchase, to make sure the slip printer will be compatible.

The internal instruction for the Slip Printer can be setup by operator in Operators or can be set to default by division as setup in the Divisional Printing Parameters.
For further details on setting up the Slip Printer on the Windows terminals, refer to Slip Printer Set-Up.

Once set, Point Of Sale Invoices will ALWAYS print with the Slip Printer for each operator/division which using the Slip Printer feature.

Note: The slip printer invoice does not utilize the alternate language feature.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Point Of Sale Invoices header screen include:

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