Move Invoice From Batch to Current

Utilities Menu -> Backoffice -> Move Invoice From Batch to Current

Before an invoice is ever posted, it is given a Current status but once an invoice has been included in Daily Close 1, but not posted through Daily Close 2, it is assigned the status of Batch.
Invoices cannot be modified when they have a Batch status, nor can they be deleted if the invoice total is not zero.
Use this utility to convert an Invoice from Batch back into Current status. Changes or corrections can then be made to the invoice in Miscellaneous Invoices and the invoice can be re-posted.

When an invoice is moved from Batch back to Current, an audit record automatically notes the Operator and the Date. This can be viewed in Delete Log.
Any item with function RSIH90A refers to a invoice which was moved back. The KEY is the invoice number. The letter B (Batch) in front of the invoice number, denotes from where the invoice was removed.

Note: To avoid conflicts, this utility to Move Invoice From Batch to Current cannot be run at the same time as a Daily Close 2 is running,

Topic Keyword: RSIH90
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