Dated Counted by Location

Inventory Control Menu -> Sales Inventory/Rental Inventory -> Date Counted window -> Date Counted by Location

This window lists the last Date Counted for each location for this product.
This date is maintained automatically and reflects the last time each location quantity was updated for this product.
This is useful for monitoring accurate inventory counts. It indicates that a quantity adjustment was made in Sales Inventory, Rental Inventory, Product Quantity Adjustment, Update On Hand Quantity by Product#, Inventory Count, Compare Worksheet Count to System Inventory, Update Quantity/Location Utilities, or Auto Receive Non-Bulk Rental Item.

A Count Tag Summary window is provided on the Count Tags field to view tag details if the Count Tag Entry process has been used to update inventory counts through the Update Inventory Worksheet utility.

The utility Update Date Counted By Product can be used to correct any errors in the Date Counted field.
The utility Review Location Qty Changes can be used to review details about the quantity adjustments.

The Date Counted Report can be run to list when products were last counted using this date.

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