Inventory Adjustment Inquiry

** This utility is under development and is not yet available. **

This option displays adjustments to the quantity on hand for rental and sale inventory, in a selected date range, by adjustment type.

In the Sales Inventory and Rental Inventory options, when the operator changes the records in the Inventory Location window, a prompt for the ADJUSTMENT DATE appears.
If the operator adds new quantity on hand, or changes existing quantities, this change is tracked as an "Inventory Adjustment".
The quantity altered (the amount of the adjustment), the division, the date, and the operator code are noted. The inquiry shows the adjustments for one product at a time.
Adjustments are also generated by inventory transfers from Inventory Branch Transfers, Inventory Transfer Console Transfer Sale To Rental, and Transfer Rental To Sale.

The Inventory Adjustments are used to determine the Inventory Values with exact quantities on hand according to a specific date in the past.
For example, if it is now March, and an Inventory Value Report is required as of January 31st, the Sales History, the Warehouse Receipts, the Inventory Transfers and Adjustments are used to reconstruct the actual quantities and values as of January 31st.

Use one of the following:

Sales Inventory Value Report
Rental Inventory Value Report

These programs provide the option to generate the reports By Date to reconstruct the actual quantities on hand as of the date entered, and thereby determine the correct Inventory Value as of that prior date.

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