Regional Rental Rate Types

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Operations Tab -> Rental Rates & Pricing -> Regional Rental Rate Types

Special Rental Rates for products as determined in Product Special Rates, can be assigned to Customers, using the Rate Types that are setup here.
These Rate Types can have different special rental rates to be applied in different divisions. This provides regional price break controls.

Refer to the documentation in Special Rate Codes for setup and flow of applying "Regional Rental Rate Matrix".

Rate types can be maintained in the Regional Rental Rate Types window in the "Rental Rates & Pricing" parameters on the Operations tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Operations - Regional Rental Rate Types in order to access this table.

To setup the Rates Types, the prompts are:

The sequence number tracks the number of Type records.

Enter a maximum of 6 characters for the Rental Rate Type code.

Use a maximum of 30 characters for describing this Customer group.

Click ACCEPT to accept and exit the screen.

'Rate Types' setup here can then be assigned to specific customers in the Standard Customer Special Pricing of the Customer Information.
These 'Rate Types' can be assigned the relevant Special Rate Codes per Division in Regional Rental Rate Matrix table.

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