Module Passwords

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Security Tab -> General Settings -> Module Passwords

The password override control feature consists of a list of data Modules, that can each be assigned selected Security Roles to control operator access, along with an optional over-ride Password.

Module examples include:
RSCH - Contract Overrides
RSAR - Product Status Code Overrides
ARCF06B - Add Cash Customers
RSIH - Invoice Overrides (e.g. Unit Price)

For a complete list refer to Module Password Search.

Note: When the external 'Authentication' feature is enabled in the Texada Support Parameters this SRM "Password Authorization" override does not apply and if the operator does not have Security Roles permission it is a hard stop.

Initially when the software is shipped, there are no password restrictions setup.
Module Passwords can be defined on the Security tab of Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Security - Module Passwords in order to access this table.

The prompts to setup Module security by role and password, include:

In Add mode the Module Password Search window is immediately triggered listing the modules that can be password protected.
Select a module.

The security setup prompts by role and password, include:

Sequence numbers are automatically assigned to track and organize the records in the file.

This is the module that requires security access control.
Role security does not apply to modules that are not listed.

Note: When the security role is changed in Company Invoice Parameters to Allow On Account for Cash Customers, the change is also reflected here for module RSIH03.

The module description displays.

Window to assign any roles that should have access to this module, as outlined in Assigned Security Roles.
Only operators assigned these roles in Operators can access the module without a password over-ride.

If no Roles are set, then no operators will be able to access the module without the password.

Record an optional password, that can be entered in the Password Authorization pop-up to provide access to this module or action if the operator does not have role permission.
The same password may be used for several programs (modules). Pick a word that is easy to type.

If there is no password assigned to a module, then only operators with role permission will have access to the module.

Password overrides are tracked and reported on Print Override Report.

Note: When password control is set on rates or prices, the password is only required when the rates or prices are decreased on a document.
A password is not required when rates or prices are increased on a document.
Increasing or decreasing the price or rate is reported on the over-ride report.

Click ACCEPT to accept the module security list, or Cancel to abort.

This override feature can be used independent of the Override Reason Code requirement, activated in the Company Security Parameters.

Security on the five Posting programs that can utilize module passwords, identified in Module Password Search with an asterisk (*), are handled slightly differently and no record is written to the override log for posting functions.

When the posting module is included in this module password file:

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