Override Reason Codes

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Security Tab -> General Settings -> Override Reasons

At the time of tracking an override or critical change to data, the Operator can be prompted for a Reason Code to explain why the override was necessary. This reason will then appear on the Print Override Report.

The feature requiring a Reason Code for overrides is activated in the Company Security Parameters.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Security - Override Reasons in order to access this table.

Similar to the Module Password prompt, a window prompting for Reason Code will appear after the clerk over rides the credit limit, gives a discount or lowers a price or rate for a customer, etc.
If both the Module Passwords and the Reason codes are used together, the prompt for Password is triggered first (according to the user's security requirement), then the Reason prompt is second.
The Reason for the override will be asked of all users, regardless of their security role.

Time-Based Discounts are also based on Override codes that are flagged as 'Rental Rate & Discount' types.
The Override Codes are defined as Time-Based in the Time-Based Discounts window in the Divisional Rate Parameters.
When Reason Codes are used in the Time-Based Discount table, they cannot be deleted.

Before creating the Reason Codes use Override Types to establish the Types of Reason Codes your firm will use, and to define the areas of the system where each Type of code applies.
Then use this utility to setup the override Reason Codes with up to 4 valid Types of Reason Codes, as follows:

Sequence numbers are automatically assigned to track and organize the records in the file. Multiple records can be entered.

Enter a Reason Code of up to 10 alpha numeric characters.

Enter a description for this Override Reason Code.

Enter up to 4 valid Types for each Reason Code, or window to select the type from the Override Types Search window.

This Reason Code can only be used on these four Types of overrides.
This Reason Code will not even be offered in the Reason selection window for other Types of overrides.
e.g. A price over-ride on a document will only display or accept Override Reason codes that have been given a Type that gives permission to price changes.

Note: Override of a critical area will NOT prompt or require a Reason Code, if there are no valid codes in Override Reason Codes, setup with an Override Type to cover that Override "Area" as defined in Override Types.

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