Prompt for Reason Code

Critical Data Changes requiring reason on over-ride -> Prompt for Reason Code

The Reason Codes on Overrides flag in the Company Security Parameters can be set to track over-ride activity so that the operator is required to enter a valid Reason Code for each over-ride, as setup in Override Reasons by employing Override Type Permissions.

A window prompting for Reason Code will be triggered after the clerk overrides the credit limit, gives a discount, changes a Loyalty Plan, proceeds with a "Bad Risk" customer, changes the product status, changes or deletes a service on a document , or lowers a price or rate for a customer.
A reason can also be required if a Re-Order Price is adjusted such as in the Update Re-Order Prices utility.

The over-ride action is displayed, and the operator can select from the appropriate Reasons listed in the drop-down box.
Over-ride actions can then be reviewed by reason on the Print Override Report.

If both the Module Passwords and the Reason codes are used together, the operator will be prompted for the Password first, then ask for the Reason second.
The Reason will be asked of all users, regardless of their security role.

For more information on security features refer to Override Security Overview.

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