Module Password Search

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Security -> General Settings -> Module Passwords -> Module window -> Module Password Search

The modules that can be assigned password control in the Module Passwords utility, include:

        Module     Process that Uses this Module Code

        ADDCLASS   Add Product Classes -adding Class "on-the-fly"
        ADDGROUP   Add Product Groups -adding Group "on-the-fly"
        ARCF       Customer Information Overrides -Terms, Credit Limit, Rental Value Limit or On Account flag
        ARCF01     Customer Information Access
        ARCF06B    Adding Customer "on-the-fly" -in Contracts/Reservations/Quotes
        ARCR       Outstanding A/R Credit Check Override
        IHIHDEL    Delete History Invoices
        NEGQTY     Negative Quantity Overrides - on Invoices for sales parts
        OEIH       Sales Order Invoice Overrides
        OEOH       Sales Order Overrides
        RBSH       Split Billing Overrides
        RDIHDEL    Delete Batch Invoices
        RSAR       Rental Inventory - change in Status Code
        RSCD04     Rental Return Overrides
        RSCH       Contracts Overrides - when customer is Over Credit limit
        RSCH02     Contracts Detail Overrides - when price is reduced on a product
        RSEX01     Exchange by Contract Overrides
        RSEX06C    Exchanges by Customer Overrides
        RSIH       Invoice Overrides
        RSIH01     Miscellaneous Invoices
        RSIH03     On Account Invoice for Cash Customer - also set in Company Invoice Parameters
        RSIH07     Point Of Sale Invoice Overrides
        RSIHDEL    Delete Current Invoices
        RSLF       Lease Overrides
        RSNQ01     Update Inventory Worksheet
        RSOK       Bad Risk List Overrides
        RSPF       Change Product Information
        RSPF72     Change Product Number - Logging Only
        RSPF75     Update product Status Code Over-rides
        RSPOORD    Purchase Orders - when re-order price is changed
        RSQH       Rental Quotations Overrides
        RSRH       Reservations Overrides
        RSRH02     Reservations Detail Overrides
        RSRQ04     Counter Worksheet Overrides
        RSVH       Sale Quotations Overrides
        WOEH       Work Order Estimate Overrides
        WOWH       Work Orders Overrides
        WOWH01     Work Orders
        WOWH01N    Work Orders Product Status Codes

        Posting Modules:
        APVI10C     * Post A/P Invoices
        PRTC21C     * Post Time Clock With Cost Code Entries
        RDIH10B     * Post Daily Close #1
        RSIA10C     * Post Inventory Adjustments
        RSCA20C     * Post Product Average Cost Changes
* Posting Control by Role and Password:
The posting programs are marked with an asterisk (*) as part of the description in the Module list.
The five Posting modules that utilize module passwords are handled slightly differently.
  • If the posting program is included in this module password file, then if the operator does not have role permission, he can print the report but he cannot post to the G/L even if he has the password.
  • In addition, even if the operator does have security role permission for the posting program, he WILL still be required to enter a password.
  • No record is written to the override log.

The list of modules in the Module Password Search window is controlled by Texada Software, and can be resorted by either column in ascending or descending order, by clicking in the column heading.
Columns can also be dragged and dropped to reposition them as required.

To select a value from the displayed list, double-click on the appropriate record, or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.

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