Customer Bad Risk Warning

Counter Menu -> Contracts / Counter Worksheet / Reservations / Miscellaneous Invoice / Sale Approval Quotes / Quotations / Sales Order Invoices / Order Entry / Work Orders / Close Pickup Ticket -> Customer Bad Risk Warning

This pop-up warning window can be used to notify staff if the customer has been flagged as a Bad Risk customer.
This is useful to identify customers with whom your firm has had difficulties such as payment collection issues or equipment abuse problems.

When the customer attempts to do new business this warning is triggered if the customer has a Match Found based on any one of the following identification fields, as defined in the Bad Risk Customers:

Comments can be included in the Bad Risk record, that are displayed on the screen to help staff understand and deal with the difficult customer.
Customers can be flagged to warn about the risk but allow business, or can be flagged to prevent further business with your firm.

Proceed with Bad Risk Customer:
The customer can be allowed to complete the transaction or can be prohibited from doing further business according to the flag set to Allow Further Activity in the Bad Risk Customers.

Override Reason:
A Company Security Parameters can also be set to track over-ride activity so that the operator is required to enter a valid Reason Code to continue with the "Bad Risk" customer as outlined in Prompt for Reason Code.

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