Update On Hand Quantity by Product#

Utilities Menu -> Inventory Control -> Update On Hand Quantity by Product#

This utility can be used to update the rental and sales inventory quantities at the different locations.
Quantity adjustments to Sales or Rental products update the Dated Counted by Location.
The prompts are:

Leave this field blank to list all products in product number order, or to narrow the resulting list, select a starting product number or look it up in the Inventory Search window.

Accept today's date or enter a preferred date to be used as the adjustment date if any changes are to be made to the inventory quantities.
The date of adjustment is used in date sensitive computations such as the Sales Inventory Value Report and Rental Inventory Value Report.

Enter the adjustment type code to account for these adjustments if any changes are to be made to the inventory quantities, or select one from the drop-down list, as setup in Inventory Adjustment Types.
This adjustment type controls the G/L posting account to be credited for the inventory adjustment amount.

Resulting Product List:
The sequence number tracks the products listed in this table

The rental and sales products are displayed in product number order.

The primary product description is displayed.

The total quantity owned at all locations displays.
This number reflects the current quantity, regardless of the Date entered, and can only be adjusted by updating the location quantity in the window, as follows:
The sequence number tracks the locations listed in this table.
Quantities and Bin numbers can be changed and additional location records can be added.

The location is displayed.
Location records can be added or deleted from this Location Quantity table.

The current count at this location is displayed.
This can be updated as required.

If a quantity adjustment has been made for a serialized sales product, and the product is NOT flagged to enter serial numbers at "Time of Sale", the Serial Number window is triggered to add or remove a serial number to match the quantity adjustment being made.

An Inventory Adjustment record is written for each change in quantity recording the Date entered above and operator ID currently logged in.

Accept or modify the bin discrepancy to describe the location of the stock.

Click OK to accept the screen
Quantity Discrepancy:
On exiting the location window, if the quantity total on the Fixed Asset tags for the product does not match the current Quantity On Hand for the product, the Quantity Discrepancy warning window is triggered.

Click ACCEPT to accept the quantity changes displayed on the screen and then CANCEL to exit.

After any changes to product quantities are completed, use Post Inventory Adjustments to print an audit report and to generate the G/L postings for the change in the Inventory value to balance the General Ledger to the changes just made to the Inventory sub-ledger.

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