Product Quantity Adjustment

Utilities Menu -> Inventory Control -> Product Quantity Adjustment

This program can be used to change the quantity on hand by entering an adjustment quantity.
The adjustment is date sensitive, so that it will impact Sales Inventory Value Report and Rental Inventory Value Report when the Print By Date option is selected when running these reports.
Quantity adjustments to Sales or Rental products update the Dated Counted by Location.

To see adjustments already made, use Inventory Adjustments Inquiry or Inventory Adjustments Report.

The prompts are:

Enter the product number to be adjusted, or look it up in the Inventory Search window.

Enter the date of the adjustment.
For example: To impact the Fiscal Year End inventory report, use the Fiscal Year end.

The sequence number automatically tracks the number of entries for this date for this product.

Enter the desired location, or select it from the drop-down list.

Enter the Bin number if applicable.

Enter the type code for this adjustment or select one from the drop-down list.
This adjustment type controls the G/L posting account to be credited for the inventory adjustment amount.
These types can be setup in Inventory Adjustment Types.

Enter brief notes regarding the adjustment to the product quantity.

The quantity which is currently On Hand at this location is displayed.
The current total quantity at all locations is displayed for information only.

Enter the adjustment quantity to be added to the Current On Hand Quantity.
To decrease the current quantity on hand, use a negative quantity.
The total cost of the Adjustment Quantity is displayed for information only.

This value is based on the product 'Average Cost' for Rental Inventory.
For Sales Inventory it is also based on the product 'Average Cost' unless the Cost by Location feature is activated in the Support Application Parameters, and then the Adjustment Cost reflects the cost at the updated location.

The new quantity on hand is calculated and displayed.
Current On Hand Qty + Adjustment Qty

If the quantity adjustment has been made for a serialized sales product, and the product is NOT flagged to enter serial numbers at "Time of Sale", after the Product Quantity Adjustment record has bee accepted the serial number window opens to add or remove a serial number to match the quantity adjustment being made.

The updated total quantity at all locations reflecting the Adjustment Quantity is displayed for information only.

Click ACCEPT to proceed or CANCEL to abort.

Serial Numbers:
If the quantity adjustment was made to a serialized sales part the Serial Numbers window is triggered to capture the change in serial numbers.
Add or deleted the new serial numbers associated with the change in quantity.

After any changes to product quantities are completed, use Post Inventory Adjustments, to print an audit report and to generate the G/L postings for the change in the Inventory value.

Note: If this utility was run in error contact Texada Support for assistance to Reverse Inventory Adjustments.

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