Update Meter Prompt/Meter Reading

Utilities Menu -> Inventory Control -> Update Meter Prompt/Meter Hours

Non-bulk Rental equipment can be flagged in Rental Inventory to track meter or blade units used when reported during entry of contracts, invoices, product exchanges, Rental Returns, Work Orders, Repair, and add/change inventory utilities.

The meter tracking process maintains a Life-To-Date meter total for maintenance scheduling of the equipment, and a current reading with units used for billing purposes.
The meter tracking process provides the ability to rollover the meter counter based on maximum meter digits, and replace meters as required.
A complete meter usage history is maintained for each product.

This utility provides access to update the product meter flag, the meter digits, the current reading and date, and addition of meter history records, and can be accessed from the Utilities menu for Inventory Control operations.

The prompts are:

Enter a non-bulk rental product number or look it up in the Inventory Search window.

An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the 'Update Meter Prompt/Meter Hours - Type & Digits' in the Document Field Access window of Security Role Permissions, in order to access the Meter Type and to change this type.
This role permission also controls the operator's ability to change the number of Digits allowed for the meter, in the Product Meter Information window.

Accept the existing Meter setting from Rental Inventory, or select one of the following:

  • Click Meter Item if this product needs to track a METER reading.
  • Click Bladed Item if this product needs to track BLADE unit usage.
  • Click Not Metered if this product does not need to track a Meter or Blade units.
Product Meter Information:
For Meter Item the window opens tracking meter usage as outlined in Product Meter Information.

Blade Usage Window:
For a Blade Item the pop-up window prompts as follows:
This is the original blade measurement.
This is the date of the original blade measurement.

The current blade unit reading is displayed. This can be updated as required.
Accept today's date or enter the correct date for the updated blade measurement.
Click ACCEPT to accept, or CANCEL to abort.

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