Change Product Numbers

Utilities Menu -> Inventory Control -> Change/Merge Product Numbers -> Change Product Numbers

This program can be used to build a list of product numbers, each to be changed to a new product number.
When the worksheet list is completed the list of products can be printed for an audit trail before completing the re-numbering.

This is useful if the supplier changes the part number assigned to an item, or if the same item is being purchased from a different supplier who uses different part numbers.
After the exchange the old product numbers are automatically deleted, but the old product number is added as a Barcode for the new product so that the old product number is still recognized in inventory searches.

The product number is change in the product file, on documents, in Sales History, on scheduled maintenance, and service kit information.

Note: The New Product # cannot already exist.

This utility is only accessible if the role assigned to the operator in Operators has permission to delete sales products and to delete rental products.
The role permission is setup in Security Roles on the Security tab of Configure System Settings.

Program Efficiency:
Because this utility is changing the product number in so many data tables, the update takes time and the risk of failing or a session disconnecting part way through is a possibility if there are too many products to update.
To allow the update program to complete without failing, limit the number of products to be updated to a batch of ten at a time.

The prompts are:

The sequence number tracks the product records in the worksheet.
SRM suggests that the number of product records to update at a time is limited to 10 to ensure a successful update action.

Enter the product# or select it from the Inventory Search window.
Rental or Sales products can be included in the list.

The primary product description is displayed.

Enter the new product number that will be used for this item.
This number cannot already exist in Sales Inventory or Rental Inventory, nor can it have already been entered on the worksheet.

Products can be added or deleted from the worksheet before accepting.

Click ACCEPT to print the Change Product Number list, or CANCEL to abort and save the product list.

This option provides the ability to include the old product number as a Barcode for the new product so that the old product number is still recognized in inventory searches.

Check this box to add the old product number to the new product number Barcodes.
Uncheck this box if the barcode is not required.

Note: If the old product# is used as a barcode for the new product, that number cannot be re-assigned to another product, without first deleting the barcode record.

Confirmation is required to print the report and proceed with the exchange of product numbers.
A printer can be confirmed or re-selected from the Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.
The Product # Changes Report lists the old and new products numbers, with the description and any errors.
If any errors are encountered a warning is triggered.
Click OK to acknowledge the warning and review the printed report for error messages.
Errors could be caused if a product# was added or deleted to the product file, after it had been recorded on the worksheet.

Note: If errors are identified but the change is initiated anyway, a record in written to the Override Report.

The option to continue with the exchange is provided, whether or not errors were found.

Click CANCEL to save the list of products, but to abort the exchange at this time.

Click OK to initiate the change to the product numbers, and add the old product number as a Barcode for the new product number.
This could take a few minutes, depending on the size of the data files.

All products with no errors will be changed.
Products with "new product exists errors" can still be processed, as this error most commonly occurs after a system crash in the middle of the update.

Note: The old product number will be deleted and an audit record written to Delete Log referencing RSPF72AV.

Posting Control
The Change Products programs are designed to be run by one operator at a time.
Locking will occur if an operator did not exit the posting program correctly.
A Posting Control Information warning will appear on the screen and only operators with Security Role permission to reset the Inventory - Change Product Numbers flag will have access to the RESET button that unlocks the program.

Topic Keyword: RSPF72
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