Product/Group Purchase Order Codes

Inventory Control Menu -> Inventory Inquiry -> Re-Order Information window -> Order Codes window ->

Inventory Control Menu -> Sales Inventory/Rental Inventory -> Inventory- icon -> Order Codes window ->

Inventory Control Menu -> Groups -> Order Codes window ->

Purchase Order Menu -> Purchase Orders detail -> Order Codes window ->

Order Codes can be used to communicate re-order information about a rental or sales product to your purchasing agent and/or to a supplier when ordering stock on a Purchase Order.
Codes can be setup in P.O. Order Codes to be used in Purchase Orders, Print Purchase Orders, and P.O. Worksheet.

List the Order Codes codes for this product or Group or select them from the Order Code Search window.
Multiple Order Codes records may be entered.

Product Order Codes can also be updated using the Inventory Clean-Up export/import utility.

Note: When this window is triggered from a Purchase Orders only existing Order Codes notes can be selected.

A window is provided in the Notes field to view the actual Order Code Notes that will be used on Purchase Orders of this item.

Note: The Group Order Codes entered in Groups, only apply to the products if no Order Codes have been assigned to the specific product.

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