Power Kits

Inventory Control Menu -> Power Kits

A Power Kit contains only Non-Bulk Rental items that are always linked to a Primary Non-Bulk Rental product.
For example a Power Kit could include a specific Trailer and Hitch that need to accompany a primary Non-Bulk product such as a Generator.

The Power Kit items or components do not print on the Contract and are not billed and cannot be rented individually.
There is no availability checking for Power Kit components, and these items are not assigned until the contract is created.
i.e. Power Kit components are not reflected on the Counter Worksheet, Reservation or Quotation.

Off rentals are not allowed for Power kit components. The primary unit must be used for off rents. Similarly components can not be deleted from a contract, but when the primary product is deleted, the Power Kit components are automatically deleted too.

Power Kit components cannot be exchanged through Exchange By Contract.
In order to change a component, either the entire Power Kit can be swapped on the Primary unit for another Power Kit in Assign Primary Product #, or individual components can be changed in Power Kit Components.

An audit trail tracking all Power Kit component activity is provided in Power Kit History.

Before creating the Power Kits, enter the types of components to be used in a Power Kit in Power Kit Component Types.
e.g. T - Trailer, M- Motor, H- Hitch, MT- Meter

The prompts to build a Power Kit are:

In Add mode, enter a alpha/numeric code for the new Power Kit.

A window is provided to select an existing Power Kit from the list displayed, as outlined in Power Kit Search.

In Add mode, enter the description of the Power Kit.

Primary Product window:
If the Non-Bulk Rental product that is to utilize this Power Kit is known, enter the primary product number, or select it from the Inventory Search window.
If the primary Non-Bulk Rental product is not known, leave this field blank as the Power Kit can be assigned later or re-assigned to the main Non-Bulk Rental product in Assign Primary Product #.
Click ACCEPT to accept, or CANCEL to cancel.

Power Kit Components:
The sequence number automatically tracks the number of component entries for this Power Kit.
Enter the Non-Bulk Rental product number, or select one from the window.
The Non-Bulk Rental product description displays.
Enter the type of component or select one from the Power Kit Component Types Search window.
The component Type description displays.
When finished listing the components in this Power Kit, press ACCEPT Key twice (once for the line and once for the whole kit).
An audit record is created and can be viewed in Power Kit History when the kit is "Assigned to a Primary Product" and for each component "Addition".

Additional actions provided by buttons at the bottom and on the right side of the Power Kits screen include:

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