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Purchase Order Menu -> Document Reprints -> Print Purchase Orders

Use this program to fax, print, or reprint a Purchase Order created in Purchase Orders.
This re-print Purchase Orders utility respects the Crystal forms control print format defined for TX_RSPO10.RPT, and the Jasper forms control format for 'PurchaseOrder' as setup in Customer Forms.

Note: If the Vendor has been setup with an "Alternate Payee" in the Alternate Pay To Information window, then the name and address for the Alt Payee will print on the Jasper P.O.

The option to print the Bin # on the P.O. can be set by division in the Divisional Printing Parameters.

The prompts to produce P.O.'s are:

Enter the first Purchase Order number to print, or look it up in the Purchase Order Search window.

Enter the last P.O. number to print, or look it up in the window.

Uncheck this box to print all items on the Purchase Order.

Check this box to print only the items which have not been previously printed on a Purchase Order.

Some firms use a Blanket Purchase order system.
i.e. If the same P.O. number is always used for a specific supplier each time an order is generated, this will print only the new items added to the Purchase Order since the last printing of the Purchase Order.

Select one of the following output options:
  • Select Print to print out the Purchase Order.
    The cover page and comments fields are skipped, as they apply only to the faxing option.

    This field is only enabled when the Use Contact Document Emailing feature is activated in the Company Email Configuration and the Print option has been selected.

    Uncheck this box to print the document instead of emailing it.

    Check this box to email the selected Purchase Orders to the appropriate contacts flagged in the Contact Information for the vendor.

    • If a P.O. is emailed it will not be printed as well.
    • If a single P.O. is to be emailed the Compose Email pop-up is triggered that can be customized, or the operator can Cancel out to print the invoice instead of emailing.
    • If a range of documents are emailed, any documents in the selection range that were not emailed (i.e. there are no valid contact addresses flagged to receive a P.O.) are printed instead.
    • If a range of documents are emailed the total number to be emailed is displayed and confirmation is required, to help prevent a mass email run from being sent in error.

    Note: When the “Enable PO Approval” feature is activated in the Company Inventory Parameters any Purchase Order that is not yet approved can not be printed or emailed as it is not ready for the Vendor.

    A printer can be confirmed or re-selected from the Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

    Click the ACCEPT button to begin printing the documents, or CANCEL to abort.

    PO Header Division Address:
    When the 'Print Company Name on Forms' option is activated in the Divisional Printing Parameters it is the document's primary Divisions address that usually prints on the P.O. header as this is the physical address of the division.
    An alternate 'Print Division Name' and address for Customer documents such as Invoices & Contracts can be setup in the window on the "Division Name" field for each Divisions and if preferred, this alternate address can be flagged to print on the P.O. documents too.

    Print Format Option:
    The option to re-print the document in the Standard format, or print using Crystal or Jasper forms is provided if Customer Forms has been activated and setup for this division, with the option to Prompt Format On Reprint.

    Document Reprint Log:
    When multiple orders are emailed or printed a Document Reprint Log is generated listing the documents with the actions and recipients.

  • Select Fax to setup the Purchase Orders to be faxed to the supplier.
    The P.O.'s can be faxed immediately, or scheduled to be faxed at a later time.
    In order to achieve this, your hardware must have fax capability. The fax instructions for the fax software must be first setup in Software Integration.
    Contact Texada Support for the hardware requirements to make the Fax option function, and for a discussion on the procedure for sending faxes.

    The fax prints, the Company Name and Address as setup in Company Information, at the top of the Purchase Order. The remaining body of the P.O. is similar to the printed Purchase Order.

    Check this box to send a cover page for the fax, as outlined in Fax Cover Page Comments

    Uncheck this box to skip the cover page.
    Two lines of comments can still be included at the top of the faxed P.O. as follows:

    This is a notes line that prints at the top left corner of the fax, before the document prints.
    It should be used to indicate who is to receive the fax, in place of a cover page.
    Note: What is typed in as the comment, is exactly what prints out.
    Use line 2 if more space is required, but always use line 1 first.

    Click ACCEPT to accept the P.O. selection for faxing, click CANCEL to abort.

    Resulting Fax List of Purchase Orders:
    The P.O. list to be faxed is displayed with the Vendor and fax number, as outlined in Update Fax Number For Selected Vendors.
    Records can be deleted, and fax numbers can be modified before accepting the list and scheduling the fax run.

    The option is provided to save any changed fax numbers and update the associated Vendor Information records.

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