Fax Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Menu -> Reports -> Print Purchase Orders -> Fax option -> Fax Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Menu -> Purchase Orders -> Fax option -> Fax Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Menu -> Inventory Re-Ordering -> Generate P.O. From Worksheet -> Fax option -> Fax Purchase Orders

When a Purchase Order or series of Purchase Orders have been selected to be faxed to the suppliers this paging screen is generated listing the Purchase Orders to be faxed with the Vendor number, name, and the Sales fax number currently stored in the Vendor Information .

Any P.O. that should not be faxed can be deleted from the list, and the fax numbers can be changed as required.

The prompts are:

The Purchase Orders selected display.
P.O.'s can be deleted from this fax queue, by highlighting the record and clicking the DELETE button.

A window is provided to drill down to the P.O. details as outlined in View Document Information .

The vendor number for each P.O. displays.

The vendor name displays.

  • The Sales Fax# for the supplier as stored in Vendor Information, is displayed automatically.
    This can be over-typed as required.
  • If there is no Sales Fax# saved on record, then the supplier's primary company Fax# is displayed, and if the action to update the fax numbers is accepted, this primary fax number will be copied back to the Sales Fax#

  • If the fax number does not display, it must be typed in manually.
    Do not use spaces between the numbers in the fax number as this is not acceptable to the fax modem.
    Dashes are acceptable.
    If the vendor is long distance, type a 1 in front of the area code and fax number.

    Acceptable fax numbers examples: 14165551000 or 1-416-555-1000

When the fax list is complete and correct, click ACCEPT twice, once to accept the last fax record and once to accept the screen.

Select on of the following actions for the Purchase Order Fax run:

This pop-up window is triggered if any Purchase Orders are being faxed to capture the time to initiate the faxing.
This allows the faxes to be delayed to a preferred time.

Accept the time displayed or over-type it with the correct time to send the faxes.

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