Change Purchase Order Location

Purchase Order Menu -> Purchase Orders -> CHANGE LOC button -> Change Purchase Order Location

The P.O. Location cannot be changed on the Purchase Order header as the location has already been used to write the re-order quantities.
A change to the location on a Purchase Order can be made and the associated re-order quantities updated, using this utility when necessary.
This action is only enabled by the CHANGE LOC button on Purchase Orders if the operator has a Security Role with permission to Change Purchase Order Location as defined in the "Miscellaneous" controls window of Security Role Permissions.

Note: Any inventory quantities ordered on the "P.O. by Location" will not be updated, and a warning will be triggered.
Ordering by location is activated by the Central Purchasing and Distribution flag in the Company Inventory Parameters.

The prompts are:

Enter the P.O. # or select it from the Purchase Order Search window.

Note: Purchase Orders that have been submitted to EDI as configured in the Company Daily Close Parameters, and Vendor Information cannot be changed.

The original location for the P.O. displays.

Enter the new location for the P.O. or select it from the drop-down list.
The location must be a valid location for inventory, as identified by the flag in Divisions.
The operator's Divisional Restricted Views are respected.

G/L transactions to update inventory costs will post to the G/L Location for the inventory.

Click ACCEPT to process the change or CANCEL to abort the change of location.
The Re-Order Quantities are updated.

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