Recalculate Quantity on P.O.

Utilities Menu -> Purchase Orders Utilities -> Recalculate Quantity on P.O.

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Automatic Job Scheduling -> Function RSPO91A -> runs Recalculate Quantity on P.O.

This program checks the Purchase Orders, in order to calculate the total quantity for each product on all open Purchase Orders, respecting the order Conversion from the P.O.
This utility can be accessed from the Utilities menu for Purchase Order operations.

Note: Any Purchase Orders that have been cancelled are not reflected in this calculation and are not included in the Purchase Order Report.

It resets the QTY ON P.O. in Sales Inventory and in Rental Inventory with the correct amount.
This program also resets the Closed Status of P.O.'s, as displayed in the P.O. window in Purchase Orders and Warehouse Receiving.

This process can be set to run regularly automatically using Automatic Job Scheduling where the start time and frequency can be defined for the job RSPO91A.

Note: Purchase Orders for re-rents that were ordered using a P.O./Contract link as outlined in Contract/Purchase Order Link Overview are considered open even if they have been fully received, in order to allow for continued billing from the supplier in A/P Invoices by P.O., until the Re-Rent Balance is set to zero at the time the final A/P invoice is entered.

WARNING: Depending on the database size this rebuild utility may be a lengthy process, and operators may be locked out of certain areas of operation during that time.
It is therefore recommended that this utility always be run after store hours.

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