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This program is used for estimating and quoting rental or sales charges, without relieving inventory quantities or checking availability.
Entering Quotes is similar to the Contracts process.
Quotations for sales and/or rentals can be converted to a Reservation or to a Contract, but only sales quotes can be converted to an Invoice.
For information on Sales versus Rental Quotations refer to Quotations Overview.

To view an existing quote, a window is provided in the Quotation# field, as outlined in Quotation Search.

The Record Clerk Accessing Rental Quote setting in the Company Security Parameters can be set to prompt the operator for a clerk code when an existing reservation is accessed.
A note or comment can also be entered about the nature of the changes being made to the reservation.
The clerk code and the notes are tracked in Clerk Document Access Log.

The Rental Quote also respects the separate Company Security Parameters to Prompt for Clerk flag.

Quote Header:
The customer billing information can be entered on the left portion of the header screen, and the shipping information can be entered on the right portion.
The fields in the document header are similar the Counter Worksheet Header.
The options accessible in the window on the Additional field of the quotation header include:

Quote Details:
Sales and rentals can be combined on a quote however:

Refer to Quotation Details for details on entering the product details.

Quote Services and Totals:
Refer to Quotation Summary and Totals for details on completing the quote, including adding services, deposits, taxes, and payment.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Quotations screen include:

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