Quotation Summary and Totals

Counter Menu -> Quotations -> Quote Details -> Quote Summary and Totals

The quote total summary provides totals on rentals, sales, services, discounts, damage waiver and taxes.
Deposits can be takes, comments and follow-up actions can be setup, and the quote can be printed or emailed.

The Security Deposit is calculated for the rental products on the document for customers that are not flagged as 'On Account' customers.
This is display only and is determined by the sum of the security deposit values as set in the Rental Information window for each Rental product on this document.

The Deposit Required field on the Quotes can be used to define actual deposits to be paid by the cash customer and defaults per the settings in the Company Contract Parameters that can require that the customer pay any Security Deposit on rental equipment and/or the Deposit total based on the rental charge estimate and the Deposit Multiplier% defined in the Division Contract Parameters.
Any Deposit Required amount is converted to a Reservation in the Convert Quote to Reservation utility and once it is on the Reservation it is reflected in the Reservation Deposits Reminder List.

The print and email document defaults for Quotes can be set in the 'Counter Document Default Flags' window of the Divisional Printing Parameters that can be over-typed on each document.

For detailed information on all the fields displayed on this screen refer to Contract Summary and Totals.

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