Convert Quotations to Reservation

Counter Menu -> Quotations -> CONVERT button -> Reservation option -> Convert Quotations to Reservation

Use this option to convert a Quotation for rentals and/or sales to a reservation.
The rental rates on the quote for each rate code, will be used on the Reservation, and any new rates by effective date will not be applied.

Role permission for operator access to the "Quote convert" utilities can be setup in the Document Field Access window of the Security Roles to enable or disable the CONVERT button on the Quotations screen.

If this quotation has been converted before, the Honored Quotation Documents window is triggered.

Any Off Rent reason codes on the rental quote will be carried over to the new reservation.
When a quote is converted to a reservation the actual creation date and time of the reservation is saved. This date and time stamp can be viewed in the reservation header screen of Reservations.

When the setting in the Company Security Parameters is set to NOT Allow Overrides on Location Quantities, an Over-Booked Items warning is generated when items are overbooked preventing the operator from proceeding with the quote to reservation conversion for those dates.
If this parameter is set to allow over-ride, then a notification of the over-bookings is displayed but the new reservation is still created.
The Product/Group Bookings Report can be use to report on over-booked products.

The Clerk Confirmation window is triggered in Rental Quotes and also in each of Convert Quote to Contract, Convert Quote to Reservation or Convert Quote to Invoice if the 'Record Clerk Accessing Quotes' flag is checked in the Company Security Parameters.
The Clerk that is captured in one of these convert utilities is then updated on both the source Quote and the resulting Invoice, Contract or Reservation.

If the operator has Security Role Permissions giving Access To Quotation Status Codes in the "Miscellaneous" window, a pop-up window will prompt to update the Status Code as outlined in Assign Quote Status Code.
If the operator does not have permission, the pop-up is suppressed and the quote is automatically updated to the Status Code defined in the Company Quotation Parameters.

This convert option also copies any "Deposit Required" amount from the source Quote to the resulting reservation.
If any attachments are linked to the source Quote, they will also be linked to the document resulting from the convert action.

For more detailed instructions on this conversion process, refer to the similar Convert Reservation To Contract utility.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Convert Quote to Reservation screen include:

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