Convert Quotations to Contract

Counter Menu -> Quotations -> CONVERT button -> Contract option -> Convert Quotations to Contract

Use this option to convert a quote for rentals and/or sales directly to a contract skipping the reservation.
The rental rates on the quote for each rate code, will be used on the contract, and any new rates by effective date will not be applied.

Operator Security

Off Rent options
Any Off Rent reason codes on the rental quote will be carried over to the new contract.

If this quotation has been converted to another document before at some point, the Honored Quotation Documents window is triggered for reference.

Customer Survey
The Customer Satisfaction Survey request window is generated if the Activate Customer Survey Processing is enabled for a division in the Divisional Miscellaneous Parameters.

Business Source
The business source can be entered in the Assign Business Source window.

A flag in the Required Document Information of the Company Contract Parameters, can be set to make the Business Source a mandatory field on counter documents including Contracts, Invoices, Reservations, Quotations, and Worksheets.
When a Business Source is mandatory on a document, the Blank code is not allowed even if there is a blank code record in the Business Source Codes table.

Profile Class
When the 'Profile Class' is checked in the "Additional Pop-Up Windows of the Divisional Contract Parameters for documents in this division, an optional Profile Class can be selected for the Contract or Invoice from the Profile Class Search window to identify the document for Business Analysis reporting.

Flat Rate Rental
If a Flat Rate was given to a product on the Quote, the Flat rate is carried to the new contract unless the rental period in changed during the conversion then the Flat Rate is removed when the rates are recalculated and a warning is triggered to alert the operator that the rate may need to be reviewed.

Quantity Over-Ride Controls
When the setting in the Company Security Parameters is NOT set to Allow Overrides on Location Quantities, an Over-Booked Items warning is generated when items are overbooked preventing the operator from proceeding with the quote to contract conversion for those dates.
If this parameter is set to allow over-ride, then a notification of the over-bookings is displayed but the new contract is still created.
The Product/Group Bookings Report can be use to report on over-booked products.

Group Conversion
Any Group on the quotation must be converted as a specific product.
A window will be triggered to select the product number as outlined in Select a Product For this Group.
If a product is not selected, and the Group as been assigned a Bulk Rental Product# in Groups, the substitute Bulk Rental Product window is triggered.
In Divisional Inventory Parameters a flag can be set to generate a warning if a non-bulk rental product belongs to a different division from the division on the document, as outlined in Renting/Owning Discrepancy.

Power Kit
The Power Kit components assigned to any Primary Non-Bulk Rental Product on the Quotation, are added to the contract document at conversion.
For more details on the Power Kit feature refer to Power Kits.

Serialized Sales Parts
For any serialized sales item being converted to the contract, the Serial Number Search window will open to select a serial # from this location.

Maintenance Pending
A warning is triggered if the Warn When Product Due for Maintenance feature is activated in the Company Contract Parameters, and the equipment that on the quote being converted to the contract is scheduled on a maintenance record that is assigned a Repair Maintenance Code with a Warn/Block flag, a message is displayed on the screen to warn the operator about pending maintenance or to block the rental accordingly.
Multiple warnings could be triggered if the product has multiple records pending in the Maintenance Schedule.
For complete details on the setup and use of the warn, block, and buffer applied with this feature, refer to Maintenance Due Causing Warn/Block on Rental.

Meter Reading Capture
If any metered equipment is included on the quote being converted to a contract, enter the meter reading as outlined in Update Product Meter Information.

Associated Attachments
If any attachments are linked to the source Quote, they will also be linked to the document resulting from a convert action.

Status Code to Not Allow Rent
A warning is triggered if a Non-Bulk product that is identified NOT for rent by a Product Status Code is included on the quote, and the product will not be converted from the quote to the contract.

If the operator has Security Role Permissions giving Access To Quotation Status Codes in the "Miscellaneous" window, a pop-up window will prompt to update the Status Code as outlined in Assign Quote Status Code.
If the operator does not have permission, the pop-up is suppressed and the quote is automatically updated to the Status Code defined in the Company Quotation Parameters.

Capture Clerk on Convert Quote to Invoice, Contract or Reservation:
This Clerk Confirmation window is triggered in Rental Quotes and also in each of Convert Quote to Contract, Convert Quote to Reservation or Convert Quote to Invoice if the 'Record Clerk Accessing Quotes' flag is checked in the Company Security Parameters and a record is written to the Clerk Document Access Log.
The Clerk that is captured in one of these convert utilities is then updated on both the source Quote and the resulting Invoice, Contract or Reservation.
The new Contract# from Convert Quote to Contract is also reported on the Clerk Document Access Log.

Non-Bulk On Another Contract/Worksheet
If the flag to restrict Non-Bulk Allowed On One Contract/Worksheet Only is set in the Company Security Parameters then a warning is thrown if this non-bulk rental product is already on another open Contract or Worksheet, and the product will not be converted from the quote to a contract.

DPL Telematics Alerts
The Document Superintendent Notification Levels window is only triggered to capture Data Tag alert information, when the Telematics processing has been activated in the Software Integration, and the document has been assigned a Customer Site.

Abort Convert to Contract Action
If the convert Quote to Contract has been initiated but can not be completely fulfilled, the option is provided to abort the conversion.
This is useful when a quote cannot be fully converted so that a partial contract does not get created if some of the requested products are not available, or serial numbers cannot be selected, or products for group bookings are not selected.

Note: This abort option is not provided if all products on the quote can be added to the contract or if an additional contract deposit was taken in the convert process.

Abandon partial convert & delete contract?
YES - aborts the convert:
The target contract document is deleted and an audit record is written for RSQH05D that can be tracked in the Delete Log.
The source quote is re-instated as open and not honoured.
The quote is not deleted regardless of the selected deletion flag.

NO - continues to create the contract with only the select products and could create a partially filled contract.

For more detailed instructions on this conversion process, refer to the similar Convert Reservation To Contract utility.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Convert Quote to Contract screen include:

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