Reservation Picking Ticket

Counter Menu -> Document Reprints -> Print Reservation Picking Ticket

This program prints picking tickets for reservations, with one reservation per page, using the same features as Contract Packing Slips.

This is an internal "plain paper" document with the Customer Billing & Shipping addresses, the Reservation#, Date, PO# Salesman code and Delivery method in the header.
The Details of the form include the product numbers and descriptions with BIN, Ordered quantity and the Reservation product Notes that are flagged to print.
Space is provided to enter the quantity Picked and Checked.

The reservation pick list can be useful in assembling the items for customer pickup or for delivery.
It can also be generated from the Reservation Summary and Totals screen.

It can be printed by Reservation number range, date range, or by Product Class, for the specified division.
When the customer arrives, make any last minute changes while converting the reservation to a contract.
This reports also recognizes and prints Alternate language product descriptions.

Note: This document does not use Forms Control

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