Product/Group Bookings Report

Counter Menu -> Reports -> Product/Group Bookings Report

Reports Menu -> Automatic Reporting -> Function RSRQ10 -> runs Product/Group Bookings Report

This report lists the booked sales and rental products and can be output to a report or spreadsheet.
All bookings for the product selection range can be included or just products that are over-booked.
It includes all product requirements from contracts, reservations, order entry, and work orders.

The Product/Group Bookings Report can be setup to be run automatically with the resulting report emailed to staff, by setting up RSRQ10 with the relevant filters and email addresses in the Automatic Reporting.

Overbooked Products:
During contract and reservation entry, the product and group availability is checked.
If the quantity entered exceeds the quantity available, a warning is displayed but the overbooking will be allowed if the Allow Overrides on Location Quantities flag is set in the Company Security Parameters, or for Reservations if the Allow Overrides on Location Quantities on Reservations flag is set in the Company Security Parameters.

If products are overbooked, either more items need to be purchased or they need to be re-rented in order to satisfy all bookings.
For party rental firms it could be useful to print the Summary Report daily or weekly to monitor overbooking.

Note: If products are overbooked on Reservations then the Region Reservation Fulfillment feature can be used to find and transfer available product quantity from other locations in the Default Inventory Region to fill the Reservation, using the Region Reservation Fulfillment utility to automatically create the Internal Branch Transfers.
Refer to Regional Reservation Processing in the Divisional Inventory Parameters for more information on this feature.

Group Overbookings:
Groups are only included in the output if a Group range or a Group type Report Set is selected and the Product Bulk Type is 'All'.
The Group overbooking view respects the "Rental/Sales/Both" product type filter, based on the Product Class type assigned to each Group.

The Detailed Report can be used to list all bookings for an item by date and specific document, in order to show product scheduling.
It can be generated for a single product or a range of products, or a single group or a range of groups.
All locations or a single location or region can be selected.

The Summary Report shows Group, Group description, product #, product description, On Hand, date, and the minimum available.
A negative number indicates that there is an overbooking by this amount.
Group availability numbers are only included in the summarized report output when the Group filter is used.

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