Over-Booked Items

Counter Menu -> Counter Worksheet Details / Counter Worksheet Header -> Convert -> Over-Booked Items

Counter Menu -> Reservations -> CONVERT button -> Contract -> Over-Booked Items

Counter Menu -> Quotations -> CONVERT button -> Contract -> Over-Booked Items

Work Order Menu -> Estimates -> CONVERT button -> Invoice -> Over-Booked Items

This window appears listing product over-bookings if the option to Allow Over-ride on Location Quantities is NOT set in the Company Security Parameters.
The product number, description, quantity, minimum available, rental conversion, and group minimum available, are displayed.

Click OK to exit the over-booking window and the conversion is aborted.

The Product/Group Bookings Report can be use to report on over-booked sales and rental products and groups.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Over-Booked Items screen include:

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