Equipment Safety Notes

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Operations Tab -> Inventory -> Safety Notes

A Safety Note is a basic instruction which applies to many rental items.
Example: USE GAS/OIL MIX 4:1 could apply to a wide variety of rental equipment.

Safety notes can be maintained in the Equipment Safety Notes window in the "Inventory" parameters on the Operations tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Operations - Safety Notes in order to access this table.

When entering a rental item, display the list of Safety Notes, and select those that apply. Any safety notes selected will print out on the rental document directly beneath the item rented, according to the Alternate Language flag assigned to the customer.

Assigning the Safety Notes to the products:
The Safety Notes can be assigned to specific products using Update Safety Notes by Products or individually in Sales Inventory and Rental Inventory.

Group Safety Notes can also be copied from the Group to products in that Group using Clone Group Information to Products.

Safety Notes print on the associated product line item details of the rental documents including Quotes/Reservations/Contracts.
For Invoices, a default value to print Safety Notes can be set in the Company Invoice Parameters and this company default can be over-ridden for a specific customer according to the print flag set in the customers' Additional Customer Information.

The prompts to setup the safety notes are:

Accept the auto-assigned number, or select one from the Safety Note Search window.

Describe briefly the main feature of this safety note.
This description will display when looking up the Safety Notes.

Safety Note Details
Enter the instruction lines for the safety note.
The sequence number tracks the lines in this safety note.

Enter the exact words to print on contracts when this item is rented.
Use as many lines as necessary. If an instruction is too long to fit on one line, continue typing on the next line. Each line is 70 characters long.

Select one of the following options:
  • Leave this field blank or select Both from the drop-down list, if this safety note detail applies to both Standard and Alternate language customers.
  • Type N or select Standard Only from the drop-down list, if this safety note detail is to be printed only for the Standard language customers.
  • Type Y or select Alternate Language Only from the drop-down list, if this safety note detail is to be printed only for customers flagged as Alternate Language customers in Customer Information.

When finished this safety note, press ACCEPT Key twice (once for the line and once for the whole safety note).

Safety Note Examples:

------ -----------    -----------
3      Diesel Fuel    Use only Diesel Fuel.  Check Fuel levels regularly.
                      Do not allow engine to run dry.

4      Gas/Oil Mix    Use Gas/Oil Mix 4:1

6      Goggles        Wear Safety Goggles when operating this

8      Keys           Do not leave keys in ignition when not operating
                      this equipment.  You are responsible to return
                      the keys with the equipment.

9      Signed Here    I have read these terms and accept the full
                      responsibility of this equipment.
                      Signed: ___________________________________.

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