Group Safety Sheet Names

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Operations Tab -> Inventory -> Group Safety Sheet Names

Optional Safety Sheet documents can be linked to the product Groups.
The Safety Sheet document will print when a single contract is printed that includes a rental or sales product from that Group.

Safety sheets must be maintained in the Group Safety Sheet Names window in the "Inventory" parameters on the Operations tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Operations - Group Safety Sheet Names in order to access this table.

Safety Sheets print prior to the contract. Safety Sheets for each group that requires one will print but only one copy of the same sheet prints even if multiple items from a Group are on the contract. Safety Sheets do not print if a range of contracts are printed.

Note: When the output option for the contract selected from the Printer Selection window is to "Email as PDF", any associated Safety Sheets are NOT emailed, as Safety Sheets are created and stored on the Client, and the Contract or Work Order PDF is created and delivered server-side.

To utilize this Safety Sheet feature setup the following:

The prompts to assign Safety Sheets to Groups are:

Select one of the following:
  • Select Group to display the list of Groups by Group number in the paging screen format.
  • Select Description to display the list of existing sale and rental Groups alphabetically by description in paging screen format.

This field is disabled if the generate by Description option was selected.

Leave this field blank for all Groups, or enter a starting Group number for the list, or select one from the Group Search window.
Groups will display in Group number sequence.

This field is disabled if the generate by Group Number option was selected.

Leave this field blank for all Groups, or enter the first few characters of a Group description.
Groups will display alphabetically.

Resulting Group Details
Click the DETAILS button to generate the Group list.
Groups list from the selected starting point alphabetically or by Group sequence according to the Update By selection criteria.

The Group description displays.

Enter the Safety Sheet file names for relevant Groups, or if Jaspers forms are used select one from the drop-down list.
Safety Sheet file names can also be entered in Equipment Groups and each Group can have only one Safety Sheet.

Note: With Jasper forms, the Safety Sheet Name is displayed in red if it is not valid.

Similarly an optional Safety Sheet document for each Equipment Group can be selected from the Directory Browser select only drop-down box for the alternate language customers.

The Alternate Language feature can be activated from the Company Miscellaneous Parameters.

Click ACCEPT to accept the record and again to accept the file, or click CANCEL to abort.
Additional actions provided by buttons on the Safety Sheet screen include:
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