Suggested Sales List

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Operations Tab -> Inventory -> Suggested Sales List

Inventory Control Menu -> Inventory Inquiry -> Suggested Sales List (view only)

The Suggested Sales List can be used to recommend other items to be sold when the primary item is rented or sold on a Contract, Reservation, Quotation, or Miscellaneous Invoice.
For example, if a sander was rented, a Suggested Sales List containing several sizes of sandpaper would appear on the document in the Select Suggested Sales List window.

The SSL records can be maintained in the Suggested Sales List window in the "Inventory" parameters on the Operations tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Operations - Suggested Sales List in order to access this table.

Assigning the Suggest Sales List to the products:
An SSL can be assigned to specific products using Update Suggested Sales Lists by Products or individually in Sales Inventory and Rental Inventory.

Suggested Sales Lists can also be copied from the Group to products in that Group using Clone Group Information to Products.

Availability Checking on SSL Items added to a Document:
The Kit/SSL Enforces Document Location Override Restrictions flag in the Company Security Parameters controls whether quantity overbooking is enforced when Suggested Sales List items are added to a document.
The prompts to build a Suggested Sales List are:
Accept the auto-assigned number or enter your own number. Use up to 9 alpha-numeric characters.
A window is provided to select from existing lists, as outlined in Suggested Sales List Search.

Enter a description or title for this Sales List. Use up to 30 characters.

Products Listed on SSL:
The sequence number will be automatically displayed to track records in this file.

Note: A new Suggested Sales List is not saved if there are no associated product details.

Enter the first product to appear on the SSL, or look it up in the Inventory Search window.
Only sales items can be entered.

Note: Serialized sales parts cannot be included on a SSL, as a specific serial number needs to be associated with each part.

Accept the standard product description, or type in the product description to be used when this item is sold as part of the SSL.
If your firm uses an Alternate Language, a window is provided on the Description field to maintain another language description.
e.g. French, Spanish, etc

Enter the typical quantity when this item is sold.
During contract or invoice entry, this amount can be over-typed if it is not correct.
If unsure of the quantity to enter, type 1.

This flag determines how the item defaults to the screen during contract or invoice entry.
Check this box if the item is almost always sold with the primary rental item.
e.g. Popcorn is usually sold when a popcorn maker is rented.

Uncheck this box if the item is optional.
e.g. Popcorn cups may be sold when a popcorn maker is rented.

When the item is sold as a part of the Suggested Sales List, a discount can be assigned to the sales item.
This can be used to create "Package Deals".

Select one of the following options:
  • Type Y or select Yes from the drop-down list if this product should be included on the website.
  • Type N or select No if this product should not be included on the website.
  • Leave this field blank or select System Default if the display flag should default from the value set in Show on Website Default in Presentation Themes.

When a Suggested Sales List is selected through the website Portal, any items in the SSL that have the Add default checked, are automatically added to the shopping cart.
For items that do not have the Add default checked, the customer will be prompted whether the optional items should be included.

Click ACCEPT to accept and return to the Suggested Sales List Number field.
Click CANCEL to exit the SSL window.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Suggested Sales List maintenance utility screen (not accessible from the View Only inquiries), include:

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