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This program can be used to generate quotations on sales of large equipment pieces without actually affecting inventory.
This type of sales quote requires approval confirmation before the quote can be converted to an invoice, to satisfy large purchases requiring customer Credit Approval.
Quantities are not relieved from inventory and availability is not checked in Sales Quotes as this is just an estimate document.

If credit approval is NOT required, standard sales and rental quotations can be entered in Quotations instead.

Approval status is controlled by a flag that is checked on creation of the quote in the header of the Sale Approval Quote.
When the quote is completed it can be submitted by clicking the SUBMIT button in the Sale Approval Quote Totals screen to submit it for approval.
Submitting a quote finalizes and locks the quote, and the Credit Department is notified by email per the address setup by Division in Credit Department Email Addresses.
A quote that is submitted to the Credit Department cannot be converted to an invoice until it is approved.

If further corrections are required on a submitted quote prior to approval, only the originator of the quote can "unlock" it to modify it, using Remove Sale Quote Approval which generates another email to the Credit Department to keep them informed of the change in status.
Refer to Sale Quotes Pending Approval for details on the action required by the Credit Department.

For instructions on the document input fields for the quote refer to Miscellaneous Invoices.

When the Site Address validation processing is activated in the Address Tools the Confirm Shipping Address window is triggered after the Postal/ZIP is entered on the document to ensure an accurate shipping address has been captured and to append the zip+4.

To view an existing quote, a window is provided in the Quotation# field, as outlined in Sale Approval Quote Search.
This search results includes approval quotes that have not yet been submitted, submitted quotes, and quotes that have been submitted and approved but not yet invoiced.
Once credit approval quotes are invoiced, the original quote is no longer listed in the search.

Deposits cannot be taken on sales quotes.
Any payment received should be applied to the invoice when the customer accepts the quotation and the invoice is generated, or an advance deposit can be entered as a customer payment using Customer Payments to be applied later when the invoice posted "On Account" is paid.

If a serialized item is selected for the quote, the operator will be prompted for the specific serial number when the quotation is converted to the invoice in Convert Sale Approval Quote.

If a sales item that is flagged to prompt for cost is selected for the quote, the operator will be prompted for the cost when the quotation is converted to an invoice in Convert Sale Approval Quote.
The ability to enter a cost on the invoice is controlled by operator Security Role as flagged in the Document Field Access window of Role Permissions.

Refer to Sale Approval Quote Details for details on entering the product details.

Refer to Sale Approval Quote Totals for details on completing the quote, including adding services, taxes, comments and printing.
The quote can also be submitted for approval by clicking the SUBMIT button in this summary screen.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Sale Approval Quotes screen include:

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