Sales Approval Quote/Invoice Inquiry

Counter Menu -> Quotations -> Sale Approval Quotes -> INVOICES button ->

This inquiry can be used to view the Invoice billings created directly from Sale Approval Quotes.

The Sale Approval Quote Billing Search window is provided to view and select from billed quotations.
Each invoice generated from the selected quote will display, showing the invoice number, Customer #, Bill To Name, Site #, Invoice Date, Invoice amount, and Invoice Balance.
Click EXP/CON or press <F9> to view the Ship To or Site Name.

Window in the Details column to drill down to the Header, Product Details and Totals information on the invoice, as outlined in View Document Information.

Note: The ability to drill down to details on this inquiry is controlled by division security determined by restricted views as setup for the operator.

Topic Keyword: RSVH12
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