Delete Sale Approval Quotes

Counter Menu -> Quotations -> Sale Approval Quotes -> DELETE button -> Delete Sale Approval Quotes

This option can be used to delete old quotations generated from Sale Approval Quotes that will not be filled and are no longer relevant.
This is a permanent deletion, and an audit record is written to the deletion log for RSVH99 that can be tracked in Delete Log.

The Sale Approval Quote Search window is provided to search for and select the quote to be deleted. The search window that lists the quotes includes the approval status of each quote which can restrict the quote from being deleted.
A sales quote can be deleted prior to submitting, but if the sales quote has been completed and submitted for approval, it cannot be deleted until the quote is either approved and invoiced, or credit approval fails and the quote is rejected.
For more details on this feature refer to Sale Quotes Pending Approval.

Only operators with role permissions assigned in Operators to delete Sale Approval Quotes in the Security Roles have access to this delete utility.

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