Rollback Error Log

Command Line -> Command Line Window -> Rollbacks window -> Rollback Error Log

In the event that a data update process cannot be completed, a rollback is triggered to "undo" any partially processed information.
Part of the rollback warning includes a message explaining the cause of the interruption.
Some rollbacks are normal and necessary to protect against posting incomplete data. Correct the problem according to the message and re-run the process.
Other rollbacks can be a sign of damaged data.

When a rollback occurs, an audit record is written to this Rollback Log that can be accessed from the window on the Command Line.
The Rollback Errror Log includes the function, program description, date, time, and operator with the SQL error code.
The details can be viewed or output to Excel.
In the screen inquiry press F9 to view the error message.

Contact Texada Support for assistance in recovery if the rollback cannot be resolved with a data correction according to the rollback message.

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