Document Field Labels

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System Tab -> General Settings -> Document Field Labels

Report, lists and documents can be printed in either of two languages.
The field text for each of the selected languages can be setup and modified in the Document Field Labels window on the in the "General Settings" on the System tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the System - Document Field Labels in order to access this table.

Note: Jasper documents do not use this language file for text labels.
Instead a "reportsLabels" file on the server is used to setup the text and labels for the two preferred languages, as explained in the Jasper Appearance and Formatting window of Customer Forms.

To view and access the language text, click Standard or Alternate for the language selection.

At the SEARCH prompt:

Field Text Display:

To activate an Alternate Language processing:
Set the flag in the Company Miscellaneous Parameters for Alternate Language.

Print Currency on Document:
An optional currency description can be printed on the bottom left of each document, provided the customer's currency matches the currency code assigned in the language file used by that customer.

This feature can be activated in the window on the Word/Phrase To Print field of the appropriate A or S language file for CURRENCY DESCRIPTION.
The prompts in the window are:
Enter the appropriate currency code.
Contracts and Invoices for Customers matching this language, and this currency, will print the Currency Text in the bottom left of the document.

Enter the corresponding currency description to be printed on the document.
This field can be left blank if this print feature is not required.

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