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Reports Menu -> Security -> Delete Log

Various programs have been written to delete information from the software.
Each time something is deleted, the software automatically notes the Operator who deleted it, and the date when it was deleted.
The document#, the product#, the product list, cost values, customer number, and name, are also tracked when relevant.

Other audit information is also maintained in this file, including such actions as resetting locked Posting Control records.

The selection prompts are:

Accept the default date to include all dates, or enter a starting date for the record selection.
Accept today's date or enter an ending date for the record selection.

leave this field blank to include all records in the date range, or enter a keyword or phrase to narrow the search.
When a keyword is entered, this can be all or part of the function name as defined below, or operator code, or key deleted. The 'key deleted' in the record, lists the document number, vendor #, transaction #, etc. All records with this specified keyword will then display.

Note: Sometimes it is useful to use the program or function name that triggered the deletion record, in the keyword search. For a list of these Function names refer to View Delete Log - Details.

  • Type ALL to include transactions from all divisions in the output.
  • To select transactions only from a single division, leave this field blank for the Head Office Division, or enter a specific division code, or select a division from the drop-down list.
  • Type SEL to select several specific divisions or divisions by accounting region to include in the output, as outlined in Division Select By Region.

The division selection is NOT limited by the Divisional Restricted Views assigned to the operator.

Note: This prompt is disabled if your firm does not utilize the Operators by Division feature, as all operator over-rides are then logged against the head Office or division blank in the log.

This value defaults to the operator preference as defined in Operators.

Select one of the following reporting options:

  • Select View to display the resulting record selection in a paging screen as outlined in View Delete Log - Details.
  • Select Print to generate the output according to the reporting selection currently defined for this session in the Printer Selection window, accessible from the Printer -> Set Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

  • Select Excel to export the output to an Excel spreadsheet.
    The ability to email the spreadsheet or display it on the screen is controlled by the Prompt to Email Spreadsheets flag set in Company Miscellaneous Parameters.

    Note: Report totals are not generated on the spreadsheet format. If subtotals or totals are required, use the Excel functionality to generate them.

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