Portal Comment Codes

Portal Management -> Setup -> Portal Presentation -> Global Portal Settings -> COMMENTS button -> Portal Comment Codes

This comments feature allows your company to post notes or text on the Web Welcome Screen for the customer to view after signing into Portal.
These comments are controlled by customer and by Presentation Themes and are displayed only during a pre-determined date range.
This can be useful to communicate seasonal greetings or to advertise sales promotions, etc.

e.g. Order today to take advantage of our Spring Sale on Garden tools.

Process flow:

The prompts to create the comments are:

The sequence number tracks the records in the file.

Enter a code of up to 5 letters or numbers.
Multiple codes can be assigned to each theme, and the Code determines the display sequence of the comment records, as this table and the list of codes selected for the Presentation Themes are sorted alphabetically by the Code.

Type in a brief description identifying the gist of this comment.

Enter the start date for the time period for which this comment is to be posted on the 'Web Welcome Screen'.

Enter the final date on which this comment should be posted on the 'Web Welcome Screen'.

A window is provided to maintain the text that is to be displayed for this comment code.
Multiple lines of text can be entered.

Supported HTML Code in the Web Portal Comments:
The customer Portal comments supports basic HTML code to make the comment visually appealing.

Text and Link Samples:

The HTML code used to generate the samples in the above comments includes:

Click ACCEPT to accept the comments table and exit, or CANCEL to abort.

Note: Any changes made to the comments or dates of a code, are reflected in any a href="web095.htm">Presentation Themes to which the code has been assigned and will be posted to the related customers.

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