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When a customer on Portal submits a Shopping Cart for a reservation or quotation, a confirmation number is assigned and a Portal request is generated in preparation for staff to review and to convert it to a reservation or quotation.
This utility can be used to review the Portal requests and to convert them and then complete them in Counter Worksheet.

If the Auto Convert To Document flag is set in the Presentation Theme configuration, then Portal requests submitted from that theme automatically create the reservation or quote for the customer.
A "Portal Confirmation" is still created in SRM, but it is flagged as already processed without requiring any processing action by your staff, and can be selected and viewed from 'History' in the Portal Confirmation Search.

Email Notification from Portal Request:

  1. When the Shopping Cart is submitted to your store for a Portal request, a confirmation email is automatically issued to the customer.
  2. A second email is sent to alert the rental store staff per the email address designated for that customer in the expanded record in Portal Customers.
    If no specific staff email address is entered for the customer, then the email address for the store division in Global Portal Settings is notified.
    If no email address is setup for the division, then the email address for the company in Global Portal Settings is notified according to Quote or Reservation document type.
  3. A third email can be triggered to alert the customer, when the rental store staff converts or deletes a Portal request,

Email Notification of Portal Document:

  1. When the Shopping Cart is submitted to immediately create a Reservation or Quote, per the Auto Convert To Document option set in the Presentation Theme, then a confirmation email is only sent to the customer and it contains the new document number as well as the confirmation number.

The steps to review and convert the Portal requests are:

Enter the document confirmation number or select it in the Portal Confirmation Search window.
Document Divisional Security:
This document confirmation number is restricted to the Divisional Restricted Views assigned to the operator.

Customer Information on the Document:
The document information displays on the left panel, including the Booking ID from GateWay, the type of document request, division, dates and times, customer number, name, shipping/site information, and the P.O.#.

Email Address:
The email address defined for this customer in Portal Customers is displayed at the top of the right portion of the screen.
Click on this address to manually generate an optional email to the customer as outlined in Compose Email.
This is useful to contact the customer if more information about the order is required.

Requested Product Details:
The requested products list on the right panel, including the sales part number or group number for rentals (prefaced with a +), with the description and quantity from the order.
Additional detail information includes, list price, serial number and any product specific notes entered on the order request from the API.

Requestor Identity:
Whether it was the Customer, or a Salesman that requested the reservation or quote is logged as the creator, with the associated email address.
Documents created from the SRM application will show Staff as the creator.
The expanded product detail record displays any product specific notes entered on the order request from the API.

Any document level instructions from the Portal request are displayed, and will be added to the document comments.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Portal Confirmations screen include:

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