Vendor Catalogue Definition File

Inventory Control Menu -> Vendor Catalogues -> Vendor Definition File

Using the file layout supplied by the Vendor, the description and the size of each information field in the file must be defined before the Vendor Parts Price file can be imported in the Vendor Parts Standard Import utility.

The prompts are:

Enter the vendor number assigned to this supplier or select it from the Vendor Search window.

Enter the file name assigned to the Vendor Price file, exactly as it was copied into the pro4data directory.
In LINUX, this must be in lower case.
e.g. wdcat99.txt

In Add mode, enter the new Vendor Price text file name.

In Change mode, the current name of the Vendor Price text file displays.
This can be over-typed with the correct text file name as required.

File Definitions:
The following four field descriptions display:

Enter the starting column number for each of these four fields per the file layout.
Enter the ending column number for each field per the file layout.

This field is used to determine how many decimal places the imported values should be given, as explained by the following examples:
  • In the import text File, the value for the Cost field is 1000 but the actual value is 10.00 (10 dollars).
    To get the actual value of 10.00, put a "2" in the Assign Decimal for the Cost Field.
  • If the value in the import text file already includes decimal places such as 10.12, do NOT put a "2" is put in the Assign Decimal field, or the value for the Cost field will be interpreted as 0.1012
  • If the Assign Decimal field is left blank, then the value will be imported exactly as it is from the import file.

Additional Descriptions:
Eight additional description fields and column positions can be added according to the information contained in the text file, and explained on the file layout supplied by the vendor.

Finished ?
Click ACCEPT to accept, or CANCEL to abort.

The Vendor Parts Standard Import utility can now be used to import the Vendor Price file according to these field definitions.

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