Vendor Parts Standard Import

Inventory Control Menu -> Vendor Catalogues -> Vendor Parts Standard Import

This utility can be used to view, and update products, list prices, and re-order prices from different Vendor Product Price files supplied by your vendors.

The Vendor Product Price data file must be in space delimited text file format and must be copied into the data directory on the fileserver on your software.

For assistance determining where your data resides, contact Texada Support.

The vendor also needs to supply the corresponding layout for the text file, so that prior to importing the Vendor Product Price file, the layout of the information fields can be defined with descriptions and column positions in Vendor Definition File.

Once the data file is copied and the layout is defined, this program can then be used to import the Vendor Price file according to the field definitions defined.

The prompts to import the text file are:

Enter the vendor number assigned to this supplier or select it from the Vendor Search window.
Only Vendor numbers with a Parts File already entered and defined in Vendor Definition File, can be entered.

The current name of the Vendor Price text file from Vendor Definition File displays.
This can be over-typed with the correct text file name as required.

If a path is not included, the file is assumed to be in the PRO4DATA directory.

The UPLOAD button at the bottom of the screen can be used to move the file into the PRO4DATA directory in /tmpdir/FILENAME as outlined in Select a File to Upload.

Check this box to delete the existing Vendor Parts File and create a new file.
Uncheck this box to save the existing Vendor Parts File and to only add products with a new vendor product number, so that any existing products are not changed.

Click ACCEPT to continue or CANCEL to abort.
The Vendor Parts Price information can now be reviewed in the Vendor Parts Inquiry.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the right side of the Vendor Parts Standard Import screen include:

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