Vendor Parts Inquiry

Inventory Control Menu -> Vendor Catalogues -> Vendor Parts Inquiry Screen

This option can be used to view the Vendor Parts Price file that was imported using Vendor Parts Standard Import, and also to add individual products to your company's Rental fleet or to your company's Sales inventory.

The prompts are:

The Vendor numbers of any suppliers for which a Vendor Parts file has been defined in Vendor Definition File, are displayed.

The corresponding vendor names display.

A window in provided in the Description field to view the price list information in product Description order for that vendor as follows:
Leave the field blank and click SEARCH to view all parts in the file alphabetically, or to narrow the search enter the starting letters of the first product description to be viewed in the list, and then click SEARCH.

Resulting Product List:
The Vendor Product #, Description, Cost, and List price for each product in the file, are displayed.
Click EXP/CON or press <F9> to view the eight additional fields defined for this file in Vendor Definition File.

Add Part to Inventory File:
In the product detail list, window on the Vendor Prod # field to Add this product into your company's Rental fleet or to your company's Sales inventory.
The add inventory process is the same as is explained in Sales Inventory or Rental Inventory.
The Cost and List price default from the Vendor Parts Price list information that was imported, but can be over-typed as required.

Note: The ability to add new Rental and/or Sales products into your company fleet can be controlled by operator by the Security Role Permission.

Current Vendor Inventory:
If the Vendor Product# already exists in your company's product file, the Vendor Prod # window displays the product number and any existing quantities, locations, and bin numbers.

A window in provided in the Product # field to view the same price list information but in product Number order for that vendor.
This inquiry displays the same information and has the same functionality as is outlined above for the Vendor Parts Inquiry By Description window, accept that it uses a sort by Product number instead of alphabetically by description.

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