Repair Charge Codes

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Accounting Tab -> Accounts Receivable -> Repair Charge Codes

Repair Charge Codes are used for repairs on Work Orders to indicate who is responsible for paying for the repair and to define the G/L account for posting the expense of the internal repair.

An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Accounting - Repair Charge Codes in order to access this table.

   Code  Description              G/L Acct   Account Description
   ----  -----------              ========   -------------------
    A    Additions                  2999     Suspense Account *
    C    Customer Pays              2999     Suspense Account *
    I    Internal Charge (overhead) 4810     Repairs & Maintenance
    W    Warranty Coverage          2999     Suspense Account *

* If the Work Order is invoiced to a customer, or invoiced to a supplier for warranty repairs, or if the Work Order is closed to an Addition, the Repair Charge G/L Account is not used for posting the expense, as the costs are expensed through the invoice or addition.
However the Repair Charge code is still useful for reporting analysis.

Posting Internal Repairs:
The G/L Account assigned to the Repair code is used to expense the parts used for the Internal Repairs.
When a repair is generated by completing a Work Order using Close Internal Work Order and costs are posted through Daily Close 3, the parts Inventory Account is credited and the Repair Charge G/L Account is debited with the expense of the parts.

Note: Because on internal repairs to your equipment the labor is already expensed to wages, and the miscellaneous costs are already expensed when purchased through Accounts Payable, it is only the parts that are expensed at cost to the Repair Charge G/L Account.

Posting Auto Close W.O to Repair:
When a Work Order is automatically closed to a repair when labor is logged in Fast-Track Work Order Labor, it is the Repair Charge G/L Account assigned to the Rental Product Class of the rental product being serviced, that is debited for the expense of the parts used.
This processing can be activated in the Company Estimate and W.O. Parameters.

Note: If this field is left blank, and there is a blank code included in the Repair Charge Code table, then products in all classes become eligible for this processing as all Rental Product Classes will then have a valid code.

Repair Reporting:
The Repair Maintenance Codes can be used to sort repair transactions on the Repair History Report showing the total repairs by Repair Charge Code and by Repair Maintenance Codes.
This can be useful to show the distribution of the amount of repair absorbed by overhead (internal charge) versus the amount paid by warranties, etc.

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