Repair Maintenance Codes

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Operations Tab -> General Settings -> Repair Maintenance Codes

The Repair/Maintenance Codes are used on Work Orders and on the Maintenance Schedule to indicate why the item is in for repair or requires service.
Typically, these codes categorize what is wrong with the item, or the nature of the repair. These codes are used when setting up the Maintenance Schedule, and also when closing an Internal Work Order to a Repair.

An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Operations - Repair/Maintenance Codes in order to access this table.

Examples of repair codes include:

         =  Unassigned Code            Y  =  Yearly Inspection
      SC =  Scheduled Maintenance      C  =  Cleaning
      6  =  6 month inspection         OH =  Overhaul
      OC =  Oil Change & Filter        LU =  Lubrication
      GM =  General Maintenance        T  =  Tire Replacement
      TU =  Tune Up                    SB =  Sharpen Blades
      P  =  Painting                   A  =  Abuse
      WE =  Warranty Expiry

The Repair Maintenance Codes can be used to sort repair transactions on the Repair History Report showing the total repairs by Repair Maintenance Code and by Repair Charge Codes.
e.g. to track repairs required due to Abuse, etc.

The Prompt For Maintenance Codes On Work Order Details can be activated in the Company Estimate and W.O. Parameters to allow a different repair code to be linked to each labor, part, and/or service record as it is added to the W.O.

The Repair Maintenance Codes can also be used to determine whether equipment pending service per the Maintenance Schedule should be allowed to be rented on a Contract.
This option provides the ability to warn the operator or to block the rental.
For complete details on the setup and use of this feature, refer to Maintenance Due Causing Warn/Block on Rental.

Setup the Repair Maintenance codes as follows:

The sequence number tracks the records in the table.

Use 2 characters maximum for the Code.

Note: A Blank code is required in this table and cannot be deleted.

Enter up to a 30 characters Description for this code.

The Action only applies when a product is being put on a Contract, and that product is also scheduled on a pending maintenance record that is assigned this Repair Maintenance Code.
Select one of the following actions from the drop-down list:
  • Select blank to "Do Nothing" if no action is required in contract entry.
  • Select B to "Block" the rental if products on a pending maintenance record that is assigned this Repair Maintenance Code should not be rented.
  • Select W to "Warn" the operator in contract entry about pending maintenance when the product is on a maintenance record that is assigned this Repair Maintenance Code.

The formulas that determine when maintenance is "pending" are explained in Maintenance Due Causing Warn/Block on Rental.

The Buffer can be used to delay a Block action downgrading it to a Warning, based on the formulas outlined in Maintenance Due Causing Warn/Block on Rental for a count in days or in meter units depending on the "Maintenance Type".

Setup a default Buffer value for each Repair Maintenance Code.
Any Class specific Buffer value setup in the Rental Product Class will over-ride this default for products in that class.

Enter an information message to be displayed on the screen when this Warn or Block action is triggered in Contract entry.

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