W.O. Comments By Repair Code

Work Order Menu -> Work Orders -> W.O. Comments By Repair Code

If Prompt For Maintenance Codes On Work Order Details is activated in the Company Estimate and W.O. Parameters, a Repair Code can be associated with each labor, parts, and services detail, and the W.O. comments are sorted together by Repair Code.

When a Repair Code is assigned to a Labor/Parts/Service detail on the W.O. a Comment line for this Repair Code is automatically created in tHIS "W.O. Comments By Repair Codes" where detail notes can be added.

This provides the ability to link multiple comments with each Repair Code as follows:

The sequence number tracks the records in the comments file.

Enter the Repair Code or select one from the window Maintenance Code Search.

The Repair Code description is displayed.

Multiple comments can be entered for each Repair Code in the window as outlined in Document Comments.

This value represents the number of comments lines for this Repair Code.

Click ACCEPT to accept the comments and close the window.

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